Monday, December 19, 2016

Hot Wheels Ferrari 599 GTB Custom

Generally speaking, "modern" Ferraris don't really get my blood pumping too much. Sure, they're striking to look at and absolute technological marvels. But to me, the classics have, and always be where my passion lies. I like simple, restrained, and elegant styling paired with a classy refined interior, a manual gearbox and a gloious sounding engine. That's all I need in a car. Ferrari has moved on a bit from that haha. Which is ok, as they're certainly selling more cars than ever!

A lot of old school Ferrari enthusiasts consider the F40 to be the last "real" Ferrari, since it was the last car that Enzo himself personally oversaw the development of. I like that sentiment, but I go a little bit farther and include the gorgeous 355 and 550 in that list of "real" Ferraris. Which then brings us to the feature car, this 599 by Hot Wheels. It's not my favorite Ferrari of all time, I still prefer the 550 to it. But what makes this car special and included on the "real" list, is the fact that it was the last Ferrari to have a 6-speed gated manual option. What a crying shame you can't get that anymore!!

I like how this custom turned out, I have always felt that the 599 looks amazing in dark metallic blue. What do you think?