Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lesney #21c-Commer Milk Float Restoration

The Commer Milk Float, which debuted in the Lesney 1-75 lineup in 1961, isn't one of the most popular models with modern-day collectors. Though there are some rare variations, it tends to pass mostly under the radar. But that's why I like it! It's a cool little casting, nicely colored and detailed. Here's one I picked up in a big job lot. I'm embarrased to say that it has been painted for nearly a year, but I only recently got around to ordering decals. Here it is as it arrived to the workbench:

Condition isn't too bad overall. A quick repaint and front axle replacement was all that was really needed. Turns out, the front wheels were damaged as well, so a replacement set was pulled from the "junkyard" I didn't have a mint green color to match, so I went for a similar pastel shade of blue. Not original, but I could easily imagine Lesney painting it in this shade back in the day. 

You may notice the banner decal on the top is missing... Funny story about that. Turns out the decals I purchased were actually stickers. I thought they were waterslide, so I had it submerged in water before I realized it! So the adhesive was completely ruined! Oh well, live and learn. I might order another set sometime. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lesney #19d-Lotus Racing Car Restoration

Evening everyone.. Here is a Lotus Racing Car restoration I recently completed. It came out well, even though it was recently brought to my attention that the front tires are the wrong size.. Potato potahto haha. Here's what I started with..

Certainly in better shape than my usual restorations, but I've been wanting to do one of these up for a while, so under the knife it went..

I decided to recreate the fairly rare orange version. The driver came from a big lot of beater Lesneys I recently purchased. Was very surprised to find an intact driver. It was dirty but in great shape!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Matchbox Lesney #75b-Ferrari Berlinetta Restoration

It's time.. time for ANOTHER FERRARI BERLINETTA!! Haha I think I'm up to 20 now.
This is actually a copy of a rare variation, the red with disc wheels. I've had the donor car for a while, but I finally got a much nicer example and decided to take this one to the workbench..

Here's the finished product:

My collection of variations... Any guesses as to which ones are customs??

Monday, April 13, 2015

Lesney #14d-Iso Grifo Coupe Restoration

How about a sexy little Italian? A car, that is, haha.
One of everybody's favorite Lesney castings, the good ol Iso Grifo. I have an entire drawer full of parts for these, and decided to put a regular wheel version together. Google images pulled up a lovely image of a dark metallic red one, so I replicated that. The brown interior looks like, but I'm wishing now that I'd gone for a lighter tan.. What do you think?

Most of my Lesneys are packed up in preparation for moving, so I can't do any "family photos", but here are the other 14d's in my collection..

Oh, and here is the "drawer-full"

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hot Wheels Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X Custom

This Nissan Skyline is a great casting. It's only been used a handful of times, but every release has been gorgeous. JDM cars have been enjoying a big spike in popularity within the HW community. I am not a big fan of Japanese cars generally, but I absolutely love the old school Skylines.

The hard to find Boulevard release has never been added to the collection here, so I decided to make my own..

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lesney #64b-MG 1100 Transitional Restoration

Good evening folks. Tonight's restoration is a lovely little MG. I did not have the transitional version of this casting, so I decided to buy when I saw this sorry looking old thing on ebay. I got an MG that had yellowed windows, and very very faded blue paint, but there's a saeable car in there somewhere!

A nice coat of metallic blue paint, and a general clean-up is all it needed to look brand new once again!