Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lesney #21c-Commer Milk Float Restoration

The Commer Milk Float, which debuted in the Lesney 1-75 lineup in 1961, isn't one of the most popular models with modern-day collectors. Though there are some rare variations, it tends to pass mostly under the radar. But that's why I like it! It's a cool little casting, nicely colored and detailed. Here's one I picked up in a big job lot. I'm embarrased to say that it has been painted for nearly a year, but I only recently got around to ordering decals. Here it is as it arrived to the workbench:

Condition isn't too bad overall. A quick repaint and front axle replacement was all that was really needed. Turns out, the front wheels were damaged as well, so a replacement set was pulled from the "junkyard" I didn't have a mint green color to match, so I went for a similar pastel shade of blue. Not original, but I could easily imagine Lesney painting it in this shade back in the day. 

You may notice the banner decal on the top is missing... Funny story about that. Turns out the decals I purchased were actually stickers. I thought they were waterslide, so I had it submerged in water before I realized it! So the adhesive was completely ruined! Oh well, live and learn. I might order another set sometime. 

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