Friday, April 3, 2015

Lesney #31c-Lincoln Continental Restoration

The Lincoln Continental is an all time American classic. With the debut of the new concept Continental, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase this custom one I just finished. Hope you like it! 

I bought this one as a cheap ebay beater in need of a better life. 

These old suicide door Contis just look sinister in black, so I knew what color I wanted to paint it... Gloss black, contrasted with a white interior, I think it looks perfect!

Pretty good looking, huh?

I'm getting quite a nice collection of this casting built up. Check out the Archives page for articles on the other custom Lincolns in these pics:


  1. Nice restoration. I recently did a base plate swap from a superfast version of the continental (missing its trunk lid - so I didn't mind using it as a donor car) to a beat up lime green regular wheels car. Now it *looks* as though I've got one of the super rare lime green superfast cars... I'll get a photo of it eventually up on my "Matchbox Frenzy" blog (

    1. Nice! The second to last pic on this post shows where I did the same thing. If you go to the Archive page on here, there's a link to some more pictures of them. And nice blog too! I'm enjoying looking through it.

  2. Black is the best color for the Continental.