Monday, November 17, 2014

Lesney #33c-Lamborghini Miura Superfast Restoration

Since I'm broke, the only way to get rare Lesney variations on my shelf is to make them.. Or to get lucky, but generally making them is a better bet haha. So I grabbed a big lot of beater Superfast Miuras, so I figured making a rare version would be a good thing to do! Here's what I started with.

I didn't like how the left hand door fit, I think it had some hidden damage. Possibly a bend in it. I swapped on an extra door I had, and it fit much better!

The version I decided to go with is the Miura painted in the earlier Regular Wheel yellow, and the later ivory interior. VERY rare model, worth $700 or $800 in real life. This one fits the budget much better. :)

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