Saturday, June 18, 2016

Lesney Matchbox #21a Long Distance Coach Restoration

Thanks fellers!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming for this thread... Lesney restorations! I picked this one up on my last trip to England, 2 years ago! Hard to believe it's been that long. I need to use my free airline benefits and get my butt back over there!
Anyways, I stripped the paint some time ago, but never got around to painting it for some reason. But it's finally done! It's amazing, but the paint is a 97 cent spray can from walmart, and it matches the original paint pretty well!!

Interesting kiddie paint job it had before:

Now I usually like to leave some homage to the kiddie paint jobs, but I decided to bring this one back to its original form! Though I did leave the baseplate untouched, as I like to do. Other than polishing the axle ends of course. It came out pretty well I think!

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