Monday, August 25, 2014

Lesney #33b-Ford Zephyr Restoration

This was an interesting project to me. I tend to think of these Lesneys like real cars, mainly since I can't afford real collector cars, so these are the next best thing haha. I got theis Zephyr in a large lot of beaters from ebay UK. It had clearly had some love at one point, and had what I imagine was a pretty good paint job before it got all beat up.

I just couldn't bring myself to strip the whole thing down and put it back to factory colors. The blue detailing on the wheels, the bright red paint, it was all just too unique. So I decided to repaint it exactly how it was, blue wheels and all. Maybe I'll even try to make some new Royal Mail decals for it someday. I left the base alone as well. This car clearly has a great story behind it, and I like to think I've preserved that story, while making it a bit more presentable. A sympathetic restoration, if you will.

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