Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finds for the week: 2/25/16

I've had quite a few more nice finds since I've been on Cape Cod. Some eBay, some local. The only stores here in town are Toys R Us and Kmart, but TRU has been providing some excellent stuff lately!

Some minty Lesneys from one of the various Matchbox Facebook groups

Got these on a die cast forum for 25 cents each. 

This fits in nicely with my ever-growing 1970 transitional collection.

Some more various eBay finds.

My best deal in a while... $8 shipped from eBay. Near mint!!!

Some Kmart Day leftovers.

The excellent new Matchbox Best of World set. Missed the Dodge A100 by a couple minutes, but that's ok. It's actually my least favorite of the set. I will pick it up if I can ever find it though. 

And the sweet 2nd release of the new Ford Supervan casting. I like the earlier version better, but I see myself being a completist of this one!!

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