Thursday, February 4, 2016

LOTS of recent finds!!

Hello everyone, long time no see! I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately, hopefully somebody out there has missed them! As I mentioned before, I'm still away for some job training, and will be moving somewhere to a new base within the next few weeks! So until I get settled in wherever that new place is, I still won't be able to do any customs or restorations. Don't worry though, I will be bringing my supplies with me when I move, and we'll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon!!

But for now, I have been adding to my collection regularly, and thought I'd share some of those photos. There are a lot.. So enjoy, and drop a comment with your favorite! Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the transitional Matchbox's... Particularly the Land Rover FIre truck, never even shown as a transitional in any of the Matchbox yearly catalogs. That one was hard for me to find! (The gold Land Rover is also pretty rare).

    You showed what looks like a new Matchbox model of a vintage Jeep pickup... I haven't seen that one yet - I'll have to look for it! What brand was the black e-type coupe?

    1. Thanks! Yes I've been after both of those Rovers for a while now. Got another transitional one to restore as well!
      Yep the Jeep is a new release, it's pretty nice. And the E-Type is a Matchbox, from the New Superfast line, 2007 I believe.