Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Matchbox Lesney #33b - Ford Zephyr Restoration

Finally got this metallic blue Zephyr done! Took a bit longer than expected haha. It started out as just a regular old model, just a little bit past being display-worthy (in my opinion).

First setback happened while I was stripping off the old paint... I accidentally dropped the window glass in the paint stripper, and melted most of the front windscreen!!! I grabbed it as fast as I could, but the damage was done. The project had to wait until I found another donor car with good glass and at a decent price!! One was finally located on eBay, and I carried on...

Until, this happened...
Turns out, I had tried a new sort of primer, which didn't agree with the top coat. It took 3 ruined paint jobs on various models to figure that out...

So I tried it with NO primer, as the chaps at Lesney did back in the day... I think the results speak for themselves! Enjoy, thanks for looking.

Link to my other Zephyr restoration: 

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