Friday, July 25, 2014

Lesney #21d-Foden Cement Mixer Transitional Restoration

Good afternoon folks! Here's another restoration for you to look at. Not my best work, but it came out ok, and is certainly more presentable than it was. Old construction vehicles like this tend to live a pretty hard life in sandboxes and dirt piles (I know mine sure did), so it's nice to breathe some new life into an old truck like this. It makes a nice addition to my growing transitional collection. The 1970 Superfast line has been very fun to collect. Here's my cement mixer as I got it, a cheap purchase of a couple dollars on ebay:

And here is is after a quick respray:

Like I said, not my best work, but it'll sit on the shelf nicely next to my other transitionals. Thanks for looking!

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