Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lesney #15d-VW 1500 Saloon Restoration #2

Evening folks. How about a Beetle tonight? I love some classic air-cooled VW goodness, and was happy to get a Regular Wheel version of the classic Bug into my collection. This one arrived from ebay in a right state...

Luckily it had all its tires. That's the biggest problem with these old Matchboxes, the hubs shrink over time, and the tires tend to go missing pretty easily. 

Just a simple repaint and the old 'dub was good to go once again. 

I decided to go for a nice simple dark metallic blue, I think it suits the car well. I liked the originality of the chassis, so I left it alone. No doubt a mother somewhere put a dab of red paint on the bottom so little Johnny could tell his cars apart from the neighbor kid's cars. That tells the car's story, and I don't like to erase that. Hope you like it! Drop me a comment if you have anything to say :)

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  1. Muy bellos beatles!