Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lesney #67b-VW 1600TL Restoration

Good evening y'all!! I hope you are having a lovely first week of December. Here's my latest project, a copy of a rare variation of the #67 VW casting. It's a copy of the early transitional Superfast model, with the original regular wheel red body. Vintage British Diecast puts the value at about $250 mint in the box. Not completely outrageous as far as Lesney values go, but still not bad, and definitely out of my budget!!

Here's what I started with. Shame about the black brush paint, the metallic purple paint underneath was in great shape. But I know of no way to remove the black paint without taking it all off. Oh well!

The roof was a little bent, but some light hammering in critical places took care of that. (Jeremy Clarkson would be proud...)
In great shape otherwise! Mint windows, and the chrome on the wheels was almost mint. 

Here it is now..

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