Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hot Wheels Ferrari 612 Scaglietti Custom

Good evening folks, sorry for the long time in between posts. There's been a lot going on for me lately. All good things luckily! But I'm back, and with a few customs finished. The first of which is Hot Wheels' excellent model of the Ferrari 612. I wasn't a huge fan of this car when it came out, I thought the styling was horrible, and was a poor replacement to the sexy 550/575. But time has been kind to the 612, and now I think it's a great looking car.

The color choice for this one came from a 1/24 scale plastic model version of the car I'm building. It's been years since I've built a plastic model, and this one has reminded me why I gave up that side of the hobby! Immensely frustrating, I got the model nearly finished, but the final assembly phase went all to hell. So I put it away in a box, and made a 1/64 version of it until I feel like getting back to the bigger model. But here is my 1/64 612 in all it's green glory.

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