Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chevy Camaro Z28 Police - Model of the Day

Today's Model of the Day is a 4th generation Camaro police car, from the wonderful old Matchbox Premiere series. The 1999 Premiere Police Collection, to be exact. While there were many great cars from the long-running Premiere line, the police cars always stood out to me. The Camaro was included in all the police series I believe. Other models included the old Ford LTD police car, the Crown Victoria, and the Chevy Tahoe. I only have a handful of these, but am alway on the lookout for more. 

I found this picture online. Looks like Matchbox did a fairly decent job of replicating the Wyoming Highway Patrol livery on the Camaro. Those Premiere-specific wheels don't look good on everything, but I think they suit the Camaro pretty well. 

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