Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lincoln Continental Convertible, 1964 - Model of the Day

One of my favorite Hot Wheels castings is out Model of the Day. The 1964 Lincoln Continental Convertible made its debut in the 2000 First Editions series. It has proven to be a pretty popular car for Hot Wheels, and has been in constant use ever since. They did a hardtop model in 2007 I believe, and that one might be a bit more realistic in proportions than this one, but I still like the original. The suicide-door Continental was such a cool car when it came out in 1961, and I still long to own one someday. The slight update in 1965 really did not look all that great to me, I much prefer the originals, and I think values reflect that!

This is one of the first customs I ever did, and one of the most fun! I can't remember what color I was originally wanting to paint it, but I dropped it while the paint was still wet and ruined it. So, instead of stripping and repainting it, I decided just to go with it haha. Got out a bunch of random paint jars and just went to town. I absolutely love how it came out, and it's one of the coolest cars in my collection. 

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