Monday, April 21, 2014

1936 Cord 810 Sedan by Hot Wheels

I'm gonna go ahead and say it. I think this is the best work I've done yet. I'm in love with it! The color suits it perfectly, the detailing came out nice, it's just perfect to me. I've always loved anything from Auburn Cord and Duesenberg, and this is definitely one of the best. Can you imagine being at the auto show when the 810 debuted? I always heard that people were standing on the roofs of other cars just to get a look at it. It was so revolutionary, no one had ever seen anything quite like it. It's an incredible car, and I think this model has just become a favorite in my collection. On to the pics...

It was a nice car before, but I got a lot of 2 of these on eBay.. one to keep and one to customize. I definitely think it was improved..



  1. Awesome car, think ill get it,

    Greetings from argentina

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