Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Project: #36 Opel Diplomat Superfast Transitional

Good evening folks! I'm waiting on decals for the Greyhound, so I thought I'd get the ol drill out and start on something else in the meantime. So I dug around in the junk drawer and found this gem of a car. I always thought these transitionals were cool pieces. They were made in a hurry in order to fight Hot Wheels, and I think they're fascinating.

Arriving at the workshop

I didn't notice until taking the pictures that the left A-pillar is snapped... My restoration skills aren't quite to that level yet, so until now I'm using a regular wheels Diplomat, and combining parts, mainly the body and hood. The hood on this one has a big dent. Someday I'll fix that one up as well.

It's interesting to note here that there is a bit of a shade difference between the two.

Touched up the old wheels using my trusty silver sharpie marker. They look brand new! 

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