Sunday, September 7, 2014

Matchbox Chevy Transport Bus Custom

I've had an infatuation with this casting since I was a little kid, I'm not sure why. Not the casting that you would expect to get an 8 year old boy's blood pumping, but my automotive tastes have always strayed a bit from the norm. I've been trying to collect all the variations of this casting over the past year or so.. there's a lot of them! But I decided to add a custom to the mix.

I had one extra beat up beige bus, one of the ones I had as a kid. I have since replaced it with a mint loose one, so I decided to hack it up for a custom. In the past few years, the boys in orange have transitioned this casting from metal to plastic, which SUCKS! But it did give me an idea. The original was metal body/plastic chassis, and the updated version is plastic body/metal chassis... See where I'm going with this? A full blown, proper metal on metal custom version of this old bus. It took a bit of grinding to get the metal chassis to sit right with the body, but the end results really speak for themselves... This came out to be a really top notch custom that weighs about as much as the real thing! I love it! It'll be taking a front row seat in my collection for sure.

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