Wednesday, February 18, 2015

1 Year Anniversary of LA's Diecast Blog!

I was looking back through old blog posts here, and realized it's been a little over a year now since I got into customizing and started this blog! Pretty amazing, time has really flown by.

It's been a great year, I've gotten into a completely new side of the hobby that I love so much. Made new friends, and developed my customizing skills a lot, and in a relatively short time. So to celebrate, I pulled together all the cars I've done since I started, and took a group picture. A very diverse group of cars here, and it would be absolutely impossible to pick a favorite. Probably the silver 1/43 scale Volvo though, as it's a replica of my 1:1.. :)
A handful have been sold off, but the vast majority are here with me and not going anywhere!

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  1. Awesome collection