Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nissan Xterra - Model of the Day

For today's Model of the Day, we have the lovely 1st-generation Nissan Xterra from Matchbox. This is a very well-done casting from the "Hero City" era of Matchbox, which isn't remembered as an era that gave us a lot of great models.. The Xterra made its debut as #32 in the 2001 1-75 lineup, in the "Sand Blasters" series. 

The Xterra has only been used a handful of times since its release. The example here is an example of the modified version of the casting, which removed the pair of kayaks from the roof. This nice brown truck is from the 2002 "Across America" series, where a car was released for every one of the 50 states. Vehicles were carefully selected to represent each state well, and the Xterra was most likely selected for Tennessee because of the large Nissan manufacturing plant located in the center part of the state. 

This is a great casting, and has lots of nice details when they aren't covered up with tampos. Check out some of the Superfast models if you want to see what this model looks like when done up properly. The Xterra casting really isn't all that plentiful on ebay these days, so I'd hang onto yours if you have one. Maybe I'll get an extra one to customize someday. 

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