Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Segment: The Travelling Bus

Hello all! I'm sorry for the severe lack of posts lately. It's spring break for me, and I've been extremely busy doing absolutely nothing! But I'm back now, and will hopefully be finishing up some projects this weekend. It's been a relaxing week. Got some flying time in, caught up with the family, it was a good week. Now I'm looking forward to playing with my toys a bit more before classes start back!

I thought it was about time to spice this blog up a bit. As a pilot, I get to go to some pretty cool places, and why not take my little hobby along with me? I chose this old Lesney #5D Routemaster to take with me to some of these cool places and start photographing it. I've seen this sort of thing done before, but I hope to throw my own spin on it. So enjoy! Hopefully I'll be able to start throwing up some interesting pics with the old bus soon!

It rode along with me at work, keeping a close eye on my rev counter. 

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