Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lesney #75b - Ferrari Berlinetta Superfast

Hey folks, time for another installment of my favorite casting. I want all  the hard to find variations, but can't afford to pay for them! So I have to make them. So I decided to take a beat up Superfast version I had, and a recent copy of another standard green wire wheeled car and swap bases.

I hope "Mike" doesn't mind me restoring his car...

Here they are taken apart. I have to say, it felt really strange taking apart a minty Lesney. 

A typical problem with transitionals, the suspension piece was broken and causing the wheels to sit wrong. 

Not to mention bent axles!!

Red body is in the paint stripper, who knows what it'll turn into. 

Chassis in place, awaiting its new wheels.

Straightened axles, along with the repaired front suspension.

All finished!! I was originally planning on refinishing the wheels, but I think the distressed chrome makes it look more authentic. Slightly used, but still nice. 

And before you accuse me of making it to resell as the real thing, take a look at these JB weld globs where the rivets were... If you're fooled by that, you deserve to have your money taken haha. 

Hope you all like it!

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