Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Postflight Briefing" - Finds for the Week January 10th, 2015

Pretty slim pickins this week... Nothing new to be found in stores whatsoever. Even Walmart, who religiously stocks new Hot Wheels, and seemingly nothing else, has been lacking. Three stores I visited had the new Star Wars cars, but nothing grabbed me. So all my finds this week are from the Internet...

First up, is a lot of 2 Lesneys I picked up on ebay for a very reasonable price. About $5 shipped!  

I've been after a disc wheel Ferrari for ages. Not that they're particularly hard to find, it's really a common variation. I just always seem to come a minute late and a dollar short... It's not in the best shape, but I'm glad to finally have one! Still looking for a nicer example though.

Next, is a car from a series I've been slowly collecting for a few years now, the 1997 Gold Series 75 Challenge. I only have 10 or 12 of the 75 cars, but I don't buy them all that often. They're easy to find, only a few rare ones. However, people tend to want very large amount of money for them, so I only buy them online when I can get them for $4 to $5 shipped, which isn't easy.  

This one is the Ford Ambulance, which is a very nice casting, from a great era of Matchbox. I love the mid to late 1990s models, they were just so well done and realistic. Maybe I am wearing my rose tinted glasses when it comes to them, it was my childhood after all...

Thirdly, I picked up these two from one of the various diecast groups on Facebook (which you should click on this link and like LA's Diecast). 

These were Zamac models, exclusive to Toys R Us back in 2004. Very similar to the Walmart-exclusive models we have today, they're identical to the regular mainline cars, just without paint. I was a fairly young collector in '04, but I remember these being much harder to find than the new Zamacs are now. I never found one in the store. But these are two castings that I have a nice collection of, and I had to jump on them when they were listed for the reasonable price of 2 for $5. 

And lastly, we come to a model that regular readers of this blog will probably recognize very well, the Lesney Ferrari Berlinetta. I'm genuinely addicted to this casting, and can't resist bidding when I see a cheap one on ebay. I was the only bidder on this very nice example, and it came in at around $4 shipped. Not bad!!

That's all I found this week. Check back next Saturday evening to see if the week brings any more interesting finds!

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