Saturday, January 3, 2015

"Postflight Briefing" - Finds for the Week January 3rd, 2015

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm starting a new column here to share my recent diecast finds. I don't find much that interests me in the stores anymore, so my collection mainly grows through ebay and antique shops these days.

Since this is the first column, I'll share several weeks of finds to get it started! I've found some great cars lately, some very valuable additions to my collection. Drop a comment if you see anything you like!

First up is a lot of 3 Superfast transitionals I scored on ebay for about $10 shipped altogether. They're in really nice shape. 

Next is my end of a trade with a friend on one of the diecast forums. All this cool stuff in exchange for a measly HW super treasure hunt!

One of my few big box store purchases, this is a new wheel variation of the good ol Landy. 

This came from ebay as a replacement of a childhood favorite of mine. 

Nice filler of a great casting. I try not to spend more than $5 shipped for anything on ebay, and this one came in just under that amount! Not bad...

This is the recent exotic car 5 pack from Hot Wheels. I rarely go for HW multipacks, but I think this one is pretty cool. 

A San Francisco Police Department Ford Taurus (ahem, sorry.. "Police Interceptor", it's called) from the latest wave of Jada Hero Patrol. 

How about this beautiful Models of Yesteryear Auburn Boat-tail?

And a stunning 1/43 scale Porsche 356 made by Brumm.

I found this cool Majorette Jeep Cherokee in a used bookstore of all places. 

A bonus addition with a cheap ebay lot of Jaguar E Types for customizing. 

My girlfriend found this for me in an antique shop in England! Pretty neat, and a variation I didn't have.

A nice Vauxhall that I didn't have. Only a couple dollars and came with it's box too. 

This nice box came yesterday, January 2nd. Two good condition Regular Wheel variations I didn't have. Less than $5 shipped for the pair!

This came yesterday as well. One of the last Phantastique variations I need. And yes, it's been opened already

Definitely the best find I've ever had.. This is my dad's redline collection from when he was a kid! I found them in an old dresser drawer during Christmas. You'll be getting a closer look at them at some point, don't worry!

And last but not least, I found these two rare Across America cars at an antique shop today for about $2.50 each. They're worth quite a bit more than that haha. To ebay I go...

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and check back next Saturday evening for more finds!

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