Friday, October 31, 2014

Hot Wheels Nissan Titan Pickup Truck Custom

Well readers, it's getting to be winter time around here, and that means not too many more days for painting outside.. I don't have the facilities to paint indoors, so my customs will be going into "winter mode" soon, aka wheel swaps, minor detailing, etc etc. I've got a bunch of cars disassembled and stripped just in case I get a warm day, but for now... this is about it haha.

This Nissan has been rummaging around in my parts box for years and years. To give you an idea, this version was the 2006 First Editions release, and I bought it on the shelf.. It's been in my parts box for that long haha.

So being that it's cold outside, and I actually like the paint job it has, all I did was a simple wheel swap and some detailing. What do you think?

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