Friday, October 3, 2014

Lesney #75b-Ferrari Berlinetta Restoration #3

So as you might have noticed, I'm a big fan of this casting. In fact, it's my favorite diecast car period! It's just such a well done and beautiful casting, you can't help but love it. So when I discovered one lurking in the junkyard, I knew it was time to add another one to the collection. Maybe a copy of a very rare variation that I doubt I will ever be able to afford?

It needed some help being loaded on the trailer..

It's trailer hitch was broken off, but luckily this yard is well stocked, and another one was found!

The tired old Ferrari arrived back to the workshop, and the disassembly process began. 

The donor car that provided its interior was completely beyond rescue, but donated one of its parts to a car that will live on. It was pretty gross!

But nothing an old toothbrush with some soap and water can't fix!

Now what is left of the old paint gets removed.

The junkyard was also kind enough to provide some original tires for the project! Here it is wearing its new shoes and ready for paint. 

All primed and ready to go. (The paint booth charges by the hour, so its better to get multiple cars in at once! More on the Mustang in a later post...)

I try to keep my Lesney restorations as true to original as I can. This includes doing it like they did back in the day, with a yellow base coat before the red goes on. (It looks pretty good like that! I might have to do a yellow one someday.)

After a final coat of red paint, some silver trim detailing, and reassembly, here it is!

Here it is with the rest of the family. (I really like this casting... :) )

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