Friday, October 24, 2014

Lesney #46c-Mercedes 300SE Restoration #2

Good evening everyone. I've got another nice Mercedes to share with you all tonight. I really like this casting, it's modeled after an amazing car to begin with, and the Lesney designers really did a nice job capturing it, in my opinion. It's a fun one to collect as they aren't all that rare and tend to go for pretty reasonable money, as far as Regular Wheels go.
This project actually took two donor cars, a regular wheels model and a transitional one. The transitional was pretty beat, missing the trunklid and had a severly distorted roof. But the chassis was nice and axles were straight, so it donated that. It ended up being a bit of a strange model, with the regular wheels body and transitional chassis!

You'll be seeing the gold body again in a future post :)

Interesting tidbit... Though the transitional did away with opening doors, the chassis still retained the guides for them.

Well I absolutely love how the color came out! Gold base with the maroon top coat. 
What do you think??

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