Monday, January 27, 2014

Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Mercedes 380 SEL

We've been looking at pretty much nothing but Matchbox stuff since this blog started, I think it's time to check out something from the blue brand. This is my favorite casting, the old 380 SEL. I have a severe addiction to vintage Mercs, so naturally this casting is way up there for me. I was quite sad that it discontinued back in 1999, and I wish it would make a comeback!

Here are some pics of my favorite example, and one of my most prized cars. You can see in the last picture why it is so special, it's a French casting! Quite rare and valuable. It was gifted to me by a member of the Hot Wheels collector community several years back, and I absolutely love it.

I won't show you every version of this casting that I have, but here are some of the coolest ones.

I'm missing all of the very rare and valuable ones, such as the elusive BP special editions. Feel free to share any versions of this awesome casting that you have!

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