Friday, January 31, 2014

Project Update: Lesney #25d Ford Cortina

Good evening everyone! I'm being a very much atypical college student, and spending my Friday evening catching up on American Horror Story and working on some of my projects! I've been working on the Cortina, and I thought I'd put out a little update..

A quick reminder of where it started.

I haven't done anything major tonight, just stripped off the old paint and gave the other parts a good solid cleaning. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Off with the paint!

The windows are the worst part of this car. But a quick soak in some dishsoap and water...

And presto! Looks nearly brand new. I'm not so sure it'll even need a Future dip.

A bit of soap and water on the chassis made it look like new too!

A close up of the stripped body

So here's where we stand, ready for paint!

I broke one of the wheels taking them off, but I think I have a car that's a bit beyond repair with the same size wheels that should work. I'm still open to suggestions on straightening axles, one is quite bent. 

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