Friday, June 20, 2014

Hot Wheels Custom: BMW E30 M3

This is post #1 for this evening. I've been in a rare Hot Wheels mood today, and decided to tackle two of my favorite recent releases, one of them being the E30 M3. What a great car. The original M3 has never been beaten in my mind, up there with the 3.0 CSL and E28 M5 as one of the greatest BMWs of all time. Though I might be a tad bit biased... I much prefer older BMWs to new ones, as is the case with most cars for me. BMW as I know and love it ceased to exist after the E46, E39 and E38 went out of production. When the E65 7 Series was ushered in in 2002, it was the beginning of the end for purists such as myself. But I digress...

I do rather like HWs version of the E92 M3, particularly in that nice metallic black with 10SP wheels. So I decided to recreate it in E30 form. I'm looking forward to doing the same thing with the upcoming Hot Wheels E36...

Unfortunately I didn't let the paint completely cure before setting it on its roof, so the paint there is a little messed up. It is noticeable but I had sealed the car back up with JB Weld before I noticed it! Oops.

Here it is with its older brother. All I need now is an E46 M3 casting, but I don't know of any in 1/64 scale.

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