Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Junkyard Find: Opel Diplomat

I am changing it up a little today! I'm straying away from my usual concours-quality restorations, and going in quite the opposite direction... I want to build a junkyard diorama at some point, and while I don't have all the plans laid out quite yet, I figured I could start working on some cars to go in it. Now I have plenty of cars that I destroyed as a kid to put in the back of the "lot" when it is finished, but I need some really convincing junkers to go out front, marked for sale as restoration projects for potential buyers!

So here is junker #1, a Lesney Opel Diplomat. This is the parts car that donated its hood, interior and windows to the silver Opel Diplomat Transitional project I did a while back. I have a big box full of Lesneys that I've already harvested for parts, so hopefully this junker collection will grow! I have already figured out some ways to make them look a little more realistic, but for now, here's what I've got...

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