Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lesney #5d-Routemaster Bus Restoration

This one has been kicking around on the workbench for quite a while. I have very bad luck with double decker buses it seems like, as much as I love them, and this one suffered a few setbacks. The paintwork didn't come out very nice the first time, I ended up having to redo it twice! But it's finished now, and looks pretty decent. Here's what I started with:

I decided to replicate a very rare version of this bus. I made it into a promotional handout for Pegram Shopfitters Ltd., which was an incredibly rare model in its day. According to the Vintage British Diecast site, authentic versions of the Pegram buses are worth more than 500 pounds! So I'm happy to have one on my shelf, fake or not. A big thanks to Rick's Toybox for suppling the decals. They do great work, though these might could use with a bit of trimming down to size. Onto the pictures:

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