Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lesney #44a-Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Restoration

Tonight's project came from my trip to England recently. I got it i a big lot of cars that had had horrible repaints at some point in the past. This one had been painted white, and looked pretty horrible. It was a nightmare to get off, I wonder what sort of paint it was? But luckily the wheels were metal so I could use the same paint stripper on the wheels as on the body. Here's how it looked when I got started:

After a great deal of scrubbing old paint off and scraping rusty axles, I decided to go with something like the original light blue this car came in. I was surprised how well my paint matched the original. Unfortunately, the left rear corner of the bumper was missing from the car, so that's really the only flaw with it. Here's how the old Brit ended up:

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