Monday, June 9, 2014

Hot Wheels So Fine - Classic Buick Custom

Good evening folks! I just wanted to share some pics of the custom I just finished. This is one of my all time favorite Hot Wheels castings. I'm a sucker for vintage Buicks, there's just something about them. They have so much style, arguably moreso than many of the Cadillacs of the time. 

I did a feature on this car a while back, but up until now, have not gotten one on the workbench. No before pics this time, it was just a standard black First Edition model. Nothing too crazy here, just a repaint in a nice pewter color that I thought looked something like how it might've come when new. 

Consulting my library, it looks a bit like Culumus Gray, which was used only in 1949 as far as I can tell, though my records for Buick colors only go back to 1949. 

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