Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Closer Look: An American Classic that is just... "So Fine"

Hello everyone! For tonight's post, I want to change it up a little bit from the British stuff. We're going to look at a full-blooded American classic. One of my all-time favorite models, the So Fine by Hot Wheels. I'm actually a fan of American cars. Not muscle cars so much, but big luxury cruisers. I always appreciated how the US manufacturers had their own way of doing luxury, and for many years, seemed to pay absolutely no attention to how the rest of the world built cars. You just have to admire that.

Back in the 1930s and 1940s, us Americans knew how to build a luxury car. Duesenberg, Pierce Arrow, Cadillac, LaSalle, Lincoln, and Packard were, among others, on the forefront of luxury in the world. These cars were just as good as competitors from Europe. Incredibly stylish, well built and engineered, those cars are still loved and valued today, just take a look at auction prices for anything with those badges on the front.

Buick is a brand that, I think, often gets overlooked in the crazy, high-dollar collector car scene. It's not uncommon to see some fetching incredible values, but there still seems to be a big price difference between the more base model cars, such as the Special, and cars like the Roadmaster from this era. But I've always loved Buick. Even in GMs darkest days, starting in the 1970s, through the late 2000s, Buicks have been the best products they offer (as relative as that may be). Lower priced than Cadillacs, but offering just about as much luxury and style, the brand has always been a favorite of mine.
This '51 Roadmaster sold at auction for $55,000! A bargain, I think

This casting, I believe is based on a 1948 or 1949 Buick, and I would lean towards the '49, maybe even a bit newer.  The casting made its debut as a First Editions model in 2000, finished in a nice black, red interior, and lace wheels. A great color combo, it's one of my favorite versions that's been done.

Here's a Treasure Hunt version, from 2001

And another personal favorite, from the 2005 Real Riders series

Here's the rest of my collection, I'm sure I'm missing some.

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