Saturday, February 1, 2014

Project Update: Lesney #25d Ford Cortina

Good evening folks. I know I just updated you on this project yesterday, but I've been working on it some more today. I've gotten the wheels sorted out, and the body has been primed. So let's get to the pictures!

Here's the body, primed in a self-etching primer, which chemically bonds the paint to the bare surface

I broke a couple of the wheels while removing them from the axles, but I got some donors from a tired Opel Diplomat. As you can see, I employed my ham fists once again drilling the base on the Opel...

I discovered this little gem of a Dremel attachment, for grinding down the small end of the axle. Works like a charm and the wheels just slide off. A drop of glue when they go back on, and you're set.

Here's the chassis reassembled, with the novel little steering mechanism in place. Luckily it was in perfect condition. 

So there we are! Nearing completion of this project. I haven't decided on color yet, but it will be another one of my "What If" cars, as in not an original Lesney color, but something that you could've imagined them making back in the day. I should have a final post on this project up soon! 

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