Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Matchbox Well is NOT dry after all! New stock found tonight

Hello everyone! I've just had a rather exciting trip to my local Walmart. I've been hearing these rumors for a week or so now that Walmart is clearing out all their Matchbox stock. It's sure been dry around here for ages, and it sounds like a lot of other places is the same story.

So sure enough, there were 5 basics on the pegs, marked down to 50c, and 5 5 packs, marked to $3.50. Sad day. But then I noticed that all sorts of other stuff in the toy aisle has been marked down as well. Loads of stuff in the blue section, M2 Machines, Jada, EVERYTHING. So that gave me a little more hope. I picked up several of those Hot Wheels cars in the little baggies, they were marked to 75c. It's so much fun standing there for 30 minutes peering through the little window in the baggie trying to determine what car is inside haha. I felt like a regular Sherlock Holmes. I grabbed about 10, as well as a couple MBX cars to use as wheel donors and left. Then out of the corner of my eye I caught glimpse of a pallet full of new cases. A closer look showed a box of new MBX 10 packs! Hallelujah!

And not only 10 packs, but new basics as well! I opened it up right there and found a treasure trove of new product. So all hope is not lost folks. It looks the big box stores aren't giving up on us after all.

I'll post some close-up pictures later, but a great haul!

What did I pay for all of this?
Under $14! 10 basic and 10 HW mystery cars. What a great night. 

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