Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Project: Hot Wheels 3-Window 34 Hi-Rakers Restoration

Good evening everyone! I've started yet ANOTHER new project on this cold snowy night. My cozy warm apartment, cup of tea, and jazz playing on the radio has put me in the mood for...

Hot rods!!!!

Just kidding. But seriously.

Changing it up tonight from my usual Lesney projects. If you've seen my post from Saturday, you've seen that I have bought a huge lot of cars off a guy on Craigslist for the wonderful price of 3 for $1. I have gotten several Hot Wheels Blackwalls in varying conditions. Some are beyond help, and some are absolutely mint. I'm not really an old Hot Wheels kind of guy, but for that price I couldn't pass them up. This is one of my purchases.. The 3-Window 34, in Hi-Rakers form. I have some extra parts for this casting laying around, so I think I'll put them to use tonight!

For those that don't know, the Hi-Rakers series was introduced in 1980, and included several cars that had separate rear suspension that could be raised and lowered to give the car that classic 1960s drag racing car stance. Pretty neat really. These aren't super rare or valuable these days, unless they are fitted with Real Riders rubber tires. Any of them are more valuable than their level-sprung counterparts though. This isn't a casting I collect, so it'll probably be destined for eBay once I get it finished.

Onto the pics...

Here is the rear suspension raised up. I swear these go higher... I'll have to investigate that

Spare parts from my toolbox

Looking better already!

And here she is after about 10 minutes of tinkering.. A new pair of shoes off some spare chassis laying around the workbench, and new interior parts. It looks so much better already! I almost want to leave it just like this, I like the distressed look. What do you think?

That's all for tonight folks, enjoy your evening and stay warm!

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  1. Looking good. Not really my thing except, it fits well with my notion that it is good to restore a broken toy to something worthwhile. Looking at the latest image, you've done an excellent job with it. Paul.

    1. It's not really my thing either if I'm honest. But it was 33 cents and I couldn't pass it up!