Friday, February 7, 2014

New Arrival: Lesney #45b Ford Corsair

Good morning everyone. I wanted to share with you something I found in my mailbox yesterday. It's a Lesney Ford Corsair, in VERY good condition. I bought it on ebay for a little under $3, so I think I've made an excellent purchase! It's missing the boat that goes on the roof, but that's ok. The pics on the listing were blurry so it's in a lot better shape than I was expecting.

I've always liked these cars. The styling was quite bold for Ford of England. They shared many components with the Cortina and Capri, which are both fantastic cars as well. The styling was clearly modeled after an early 60s Thunderbird, the way the front end comes to a point, I love it! I wish this car had been sold in the States, I'm sure it would've done quite well. 

As far as the Lesney model, this version is the most common variation. As with most Lesneys, some examples could be found with gray wheels, and those are more valuable. These also could be found with a silver painted base or unpainted, like this one. The painted base is harder to find. The absolute holy grail of this car, however, is with a white interior, instead of red. I've seen them selling for thousands of dollars. But hey, for $3, I'll take this one! I'll have to do some looking and see if anyone makes a reproduction boat for the roof. 

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