Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Arrival: Matchbox Ford Expedition 2002 NYC Toy Show Exclusive

Good afternoon everyone. I just wanted to share something that just came in the mail today. A very cool piece, it's the 2002 New York City Toy Show exclusive. I've been after this one for years. I know it's not particularly rare or valuable, but I haven't been able to place the winning bid on one EVER. Always get outbid at the last second, so I'm pretty excited to finally have it.

This was the show where the 50th Anniversary Across America series was introduced, I believe, and that series is an all-time favorite for me. I was about 11 years old when this series came out, and I knew I had to collect it. My mother and I drove to every big box store within 100 miles of my home, and we managed to find every single one in a store. I didn't go to ebay once. I found all the extra packs with the collector book, I got the 50 car carrying case, and all the mail-in "regional" cars. This is one of the last pieces of the collection. This series is what I credit going from a kid playing with toy cars, to a serious collector. I've had some offers to sell the set, but I wouldn't take a million dollars for it. (Ok, maybe I'd take a million..) I made so many wonderful memories collecting that set.

Anyways here are the pictures:

And my Across America set

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