Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick Project: Johnny Lightning 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

I bought this car in that 3 for $1 sale I mentioned before. A mint condition Johnny Lightning Mustang. Only problem? It's missing a wheel. This super nice wheels are different from the typical Matchbox or Hot Wheels wheel. The hub is attached to the axle, and the decorative part of the wheel pops on top. So on this one, the top part had just popped off and was long gone. No worries though, I know just the thing for it!

It's such a nice model, I didn't want to dismiss it just for doing a Reliant Robin impersonation

It doesn't look as good as the original in my opinion, but at least there are four wheels now!
The reason for choosing these wheels is laziness. They were sitting on my workbench, and the axles didn't need to be modified to fit. I'm allowed to be lazy from time to time. 

So I'm going to let the JB Weld dry and go enjoy a cigar and a beer. Hope you like my 10 minute custom. 

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