Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Kmart Day! My Haul....

Good morning! I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day, and a good Kmart day this morning! It was a good one for me. These days are always fun, especially when there's stuff you go in knowing you want. For me, that's not too common since I'm not much of a muscle car guy. But today there was loads of stuff for the LA Collection. The blue Datsun pickup, Alpinweiss BMW E30 M3, yellow 2000GT, etc etc.

Unlike the last event at my local store, there actually were Supers to be found. I didn't get one, but I saw 3 that were found, one was even an error! All small wheels. The '55 Gasser certainly isn't a casting I collect, but the Super version is an absolute stunner. If you find one, I definitely recommend holding on to it, it'll be one of the best this year, no doubt at all.

So here's my haul. 4 Datsuns, 4 M3s, a LaFerrari, Toyota Supra, 2000GT, 2 Regular Hunts, the Fast Felion convertible, new flatbed, and a Surfin School Bus. 

I love that Fast Felion convertible. It reminds me a lot of this car, the Eagle Speedster. 

I'll get some close-up shots posted soon! 

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