Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Classic Custom: BMW 2002 by Hot Wheels

Good evening folks! It is raining cats and dogs here tonight, and I've been cooped up in bed with a cold today. I got bored of alternating between chicken noodle soup and studying for a test tomorrow, so I decided to play around with some customs. All my restoration projects are waiting for the rain to stop, so I decided to revisit this BMW.

The 2002 is one of my all time favorites. (Doesn't necessarily mean much, I have lots of those haha) I came within an inch of having one for my first car. I will own one someday. They're just so cool.

I painted this one a while back, but was never happy with the wheels that were on it. I think they belong on a "stanced" MkIII Golf, not a classic BMW. So a Renault Master Ambulance that I stockpiled when they were readily available gave up its wheels, and I think they suit the car perfectly. I might go back and do some more detail painting later, but I'm happy with it for now!

Here's what I started with.

And here it is now!

In retrospect, maybe the tan interior doesn't look as good as black or gray, but the car it JB Welded back up so too late now! What do you all think? 

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