Sunday, February 23, 2014

Project Wrap Up (Finally): Hot Wheels 3-Window 34 Hi Rakers Restoration

A big hello from sunny and warm Tennessee! It's in the upper 80s here today, it is quite lovely.
I finally finished my 3-Window 34 and thought I'd share some pics. It came out looking so much better than I was expecting. The color looks great! I know a lot of people harp on the PR5 wheels, but I like them a lot and think they improve almost every car they're put on. Now lets get to the photos....

Just a reminder as to the sorry state it was in before

Here she is now...


I'm absolutely thrilled with it. The casting was fairly pitted, so some of those imperfections came through, but I love it! This usually isn't the sort of car I do, but I'm keeping this one.

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